About The Film

“I take my goodness where I can find it” – a favorite quote of Carlo Mazzone-Clementi’s from Moliere.

Carlo’s story embodies that quote.  His story reveals the turbulent life of an artistic genius, an Italian immigrant who pioneered the melding together of his native country’s form of comedy known as commedia dell’Arte with the American Dream.  If much of that dream is encapsulated in the phrase “the land of opportunity,” Carlo fully personified it.

This is the story of a man who re-invented himself, who charmed the world, was a stern dictatorial teacher, abusive yet loving to his family and students — a man who has influenced the American theatre in an unheralded way since his arrival here in 1958 until his death in 2000.

This film explores Carlo’s life and teachings while also exhibiting what the colorful commedia dell’Arte was and what it is today in the world of New Vaudeville, physical theatre, and clown.   Carlo was akin to Willy Lohman in Death of a Salesman: he never made the great success of his life that he expected.  Yet he left behind a legacy rich with comic laughter.

A Documentary by Laughing Angels Productions and Next Step Studios In Association with Dell’Arte International

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