Quotes On Carlo

Carlo left… an important legacy – I could only describe it in silence.” – Marcel Marceau, mime

He was an athlete, he was like a bull, a bullet, he was so powerful and hes was such a Fool – and I mean that in the most loving and positive way.” – Rene Auberjonois, actor

I think he was a genius, but an unfocused genius; he couldn’t pull it together, what he had.  So another word for him is tragic.” – Kathryn Harold, actress

“Carlo was an original.  He uniquely captured, embodied, provoked and expressed the unquantifiable spirit of the human comedy, and he passed it on through his teachings around the world and through the founding of Dell’Arte.” – Michael Fields, Producing Director, Dell’Arte International/School of Theatre

Carlo burned with a primal fire — the light he spread can be seen round the world  in the hundreds of people who have been influenced, inspired, and touched by his  vision.  He was not an easy man to understand, but he always said that what he taught wasn’t in the books. He called it ‘learning by heart.’ – Joan Schirle, Founding Artistic Director of Dell’Arte International/School of Theatre

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