Laughing Angels Productions

Laughing Angels Productions is an independent production company in Venice, California.  It is both a theatre and film production company with a focus on the physical theatre and the commedia dell’Arte in particular.  Comedy is what it creates.  It has participated in the creation of the filming of Studio Zanni’s stage show Two Lovers, No Waiting and the  official memorial video for Carlo Mazzone-Clementi , but has spent the duration of its production services on the creation of this current film.


Co-Producer, Director, Editor – Next Step Studios, West Hollywood CA

Video Tribute, 5 minutes beta video, 2000

HANDMADE! A Weekend at the Harvest Festival

Producer, director, co-editor – Festival Films, Petaluma CA

Documentary, 60 minutes betacam video, 1983

PBS Broadcast about the lives of craftsmen and performers during the hey day of The Harvest Festival, a west coast Americana Folk and Crafts Fair

Awards: INTERCOM Golden Plaque 1983; ITVA Golden Reel of Merit, 15th Annual Videotape Festival, 1984; Educational Film Library Association’s American Film Festival – Honorable Mention, New York City 1984


Co-Producer, Director, Liner Notes – Festival Films & Folklore Productions

Record Album, mixed at Fantasy Records, Berkeley CA, 1984

Nominated for a Grammy Award in Folk Recordings 1985

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