Featured People

Marcel Marceau, world famous mime (colleague of Carlo Mazzone-Clementi)

Rene Auberjonois, American film, stage and television actor (former student of Carlo Mazzone-Clementi)

Donato Sartori, Italian mask-maker and son of the renowned mask-maker, Amleto Sartori  (colleague of Carlo Mazzone-Clementi)

Ron Davis, founder of The San Francisco Mime Troupe (former student of Carlo Mazzone-Clementi)

Avner “the Eccentric” Eisenberg, world-famous American clown (former student of Carlo Mazzone-Clementi)

Leon Katz, Professor Emeritus of Renaissance Theatre Vassar College, UCLA, author of The Three Cuckolds (acquaintance of Carlo Mazzone-Clementi)

Hovey Burgess, PhD In Circus, NYU emeritus professor, juggler (former student of Carlo Mazzone-Clementi)

Arne Zaslove, American actor, director, teacher (former student of Carlo Mazzone-Clementi)

Jane Hill, Managing Director: Omaha opera & Sacramento Symphony, actor (former student and second wife of Carlo Mazzone-Clementi)

Joan Schirle, Artistic Director of The Dell’Arte Players, teacher/administrator Dell’Arte International School of Physical Comedy (former student and  colleague of Carlo Mazzone-Clementi)

Jeff Raz, Director of Medical Clowns, former director of San Francisco Circus Arts Center, juggler/clown (former student of Carlo Mazzone-Clementi)

Ole Brekke, Artistic Director of The Commedia School in Denmark, mime (former student, colleague of Carlo Mazzone-Clementi)

Jodi Gilbert, Physical Theatre teacher, new music vocalist, actor/dancer Amsterdam, original member of Dell’Arte (former student of Carlo Mazzone-Clementi)

Vivien Leoni, First wife and patron all his life (colleague of Carlo Mazzone-Clementi)

Kathryn Harold, American film and TV actress (former student of Carlo Mazzone-Clementi)

Michael Fields, Managing Director of Dell’Arte International, director, actor, teacher (former performer of Carlo Mazzone-Clementi)

Valerio Mazzone, Learning Disabilities Teacher/Counselor (Carlo’s son)

Sylvia Mazzone-Clementi, Catering Business  in Eureka CA (Carlo’s daughter)

Judy Finelli, Teacher and Founder of San Francisco Circus Center, former member of the Pickle Family Circus and Bay City Reds juggling troupe (former student)

Jael Weisman, Director of The Dell’Arte Players, former actor with the San Francisco Mime Troupe (colleague)

Donovan Scott, American film, TV and stage actor, improviser, comedy teacher, film director & editor (former student)

Wendy Parkman, Director of Acting at San Francisco Conservatory of the Arts, aerialist, former member of the Pickle Family Circus (acquaintance and student of former students)

Diana Perry, Nurse, former juggler, original member of Dell’Arte (former student)

Peter Kors, Arts Teacher Southern California schools & The Music Center Learning Tree, actor, original member of Dell’Arte (former student)

Stanley Allen Sherman, Mask-maker, Director of the Roving Classical Commedia University, NYC (former student)

John Achorn, American stage, film & TV actor, teacher, director – Narrator (former student)

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